Metaverse as the beginning of digital reality and virtual future in online space

More and more new opportunities for profit and promoting services and goods are appearing in the digital world. In Metaverse, people use the technologies of virtual reality and interact with digital objects via unique NFT cards designed on new brand blockchains such as DecimalChain. Metaverse has all the characteristics of the real world: its own digital economy, opportunities to launch business, buy clothing, real estate, attend exhibitions, concerts, parties and even wedding ceremonies.

To immerse in Metaverse, virtual and augmented realities are used. One can fully immerse in the virtual world with the help of a special helmet, glasses, headphones and gloves. The VR helmet with built-in headphones demonstrates the picture and is attached to head while infrared sensors read head and body movements of the user.

Tactile controlling gloves create a real effect of touching virtual objects, and a complicated system of sensors helps to move and touch objects.

The constantly moving virtual space makes it possible to earn on real estate and selling digital property, objects, events and advertising. All of this has become possible due to NFT technologies provided by blockchain, technologies that help to establish the rights of ownership on digital property as well.




Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.

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Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.

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