Launch of NFT marketplace

Launch of NFT marketplace

🙌🏻Hi, community!

🎉 We start the week from the news on the long-awaited platform that enables users to buy and sell NFTs created on the DecimalChain blockchain.

🖼 NFT BitTeam Marketplace is ready for being used with minimum functions: NFT input/withdrawal/purchase. Then the platform will be getting more and more new functions, encouragement tools for best users, exhibition halls, rating system of evaluation and the expanded settings of the author’s page and so on!

⭐️ Now you can see the famous painting from the “Crisis Design” collection by Stanislav Dasyukevich. It was booked on August 1 and now will be sold on the marketplace.

📰 Two more paintings created from the 100

-year-old paper will soon be released on the platform.

🙌🏻 Follow the news and use the new platform of the ecosystem!