Is the DecimalChain blockchane safe ?

🔐 Is the DecimalChain blockchain secure?

1️⃣The Decimal blockchain is protected by cryptography, so each transaction will be irreversible and will forever remain in the history of the network.

2️⃣All official Decimal wallets are decentralized and only the user has full control over their funds. Seed phrases and private keys are stored strictly on the user’s side and Decimal does not have any access to them.

3️⃣When bonding your coins to the validator, you have nothing to worry about. The transfer does not take place in the literal sense. Technically, your coins are simply blocked on your own account; you simply can’t dispose of them until you untie your funds.

4️⃣If one or more validators stop working, the rest of the network participants will provide high transaction throughput.

5️⃣By issuing your own coin in the Decimal blockchain, you don’t have to worry about technical mechanisms.

6️⃣Any exchange operations involving your coin are performed on the basis of mathematical formulas embedded in the Decimal software and automatic blockchain algorithms.

7️⃣Each newly created coin already has a security: the creator bought a native DEL coin for real money, ensuring the liquidity of his project.

8️⃣Decimal is resistant to scalability issues due to the DPoS consensus, which means that the platform will continue to develop in 10 years.

⚖️We have maintained a careful balance between decentralization and security, as it is very important to build a reliable and efficient cryptocurrency network.

❓And what`s important for you to feel safe when using Decimal?

Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.

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