Inner Decimal services


👨🏻‍🔧Inner Decimal services

On #DecimalChain there are a number of working services (Workers) that collect data that goes directly to the blockchain.

💾Data is stored in blocks and transactions of various types: sending, buying, selling, creating coins, and so on.

👥Users of the explorer make requests to search for all sorts of information about the blockchain. All requests pass through a special load balancer which evenly distributes the load and directs the corresponding requests to read from the storage.

Why are they needed?

Believing that users would be interested in storing a large amount of information regarding processes of the Decimal network (namely transaction details, blocks, validators and their parameters, issued coins, and so on), DecimalChain took care of the availability of all this data and ensured that it was displayed correctly and quickly with the help of internal services.

🗃️DecimalChain has organized such storage, which is able to meet a huge number of requests and is guaranteed to provide the necessary information to users.

If the load on the system increases, then you can simply add databases with information.

🖥️At the same time, masternodes (validators), where replicas of the blockchain are directly stored, are not loaded since they are architecturally separated from user requests and external services.

Due to indexing, databases are able to provide information about any events and states on the blockchain with minimal delay, regardless of the size of the database itself.

Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.

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