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Hello, community!

On February 22, the second AMA-session with Decimal CEO Anatoly Berdnikov took place on Binance. As promised, we have prepared a text format in Russian and English for those who didn’t have a chance to watch it or it’s just more convenient:

🇷🇺 Text in Russian.
🇺🇸 Text in English.

For those who wish, we duplicated the video in Youtube and prepared timings to make it easier for you to navigate:

00:00 Greetings
03:30 Does Decimal blockchain development rely only on Decimal CEO?
09:02 How the DUSD stablecoin is structured, protection
11:27 DUSD Stacking
13:39 Is the blockchain protected from quantum computers?
15:16 DUSD applicability
17:12 Tokenization constructor
21:41 Industries of tokenization
26:03 What prevents the realization of a large number of projects on Decimal
28:26 How to track down a pacifier coin in Decimal
31:12 Teaching the legality of tokenization
32:55 International development plans for Decimal
34:50 Decimal marketing strategies
37:41 Acceptable price of DEL coins
49:53 Actions to increase the price of DEL
54:03 How to take a CEO initiative Decimal
59:30 Where to discuss Decimal CEO initiatives
01:00:00 English audience activity
01:02:19 Will projects be able to influence the price and take coins out of the market?
01:04:18 What developers need to do to raise the price of DEL
01:10:04 Opinion on lowering APR
01:11:52 If DEL is removed from p2p

Thank you for being so interested and engaged! The webinar selected interesting questions for which their senders will receive 1000 DEL each:

● georgiikm
● Максим
● rodohlebova1972
● baskosergei
● SrgKrnvn
● Archihumps
● V_Belikov

Within twenty-four hours, expect 1000 DEL to the wallet addresses you provided! Thank you for your questions.

Link of the broadcast recording in Russian:




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