How will your token behave in the market?

🔗The DecimalChain blockchain is a simple, convenient and secure constructor of its own tokens. Even a child can easily issue his own cryptocurrency, specifying the desired number of tokens, the CRR parameter, the name, as well as making a reserve for his coin.

📲By clicking the “create” button, you get your liquid token that has a price and can immediately be exchanged for any other tokens or for DEL, and you can also pay the blockchain network fee with your token. It is another advantage of DecimalChain over other blockchain platforms providing token creation functions. Thus, in the Ethereum blockchain, you can pay fees only in the basic ETH token.

🛠️The difficulty of creating your own token is not at all in the token issue itself, but in choosing the right characteristics. They will influence the price of your token every time someone buys or sells it. Also, the parameters will depend on how many new DEL coins a stake will generate in your tokens because sometimes stakes in custom coins can generate more new coins than a stake in DEL.

⚙️The DecimalSchool network validator together with the RRU one validator created an emulator of the coin’s behavior. You can predict the behavior of your future coin in advance by simply entering its parameters in the table. You can also enter the parameters of an existing coin on the blockchain into the table and predict the expediency of its purchase and bonding.

How to create your own tokens correctly and how to use the table were described in detail at the DecimalSchool open lesson.

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