How to mine crypto on smartphone?

đź’°Delegated proof of stake mining is the most eco-friendly, progressive, easy and accessible way of mining.

✉️ Delegated proof means that you in order to mine coins of such networks as DecimalChain, you don’t have to download and install some sofware — you can simply delegate this task to any of the special participants — Validators. They act as mining farms in Bitcoin doing all the necessary work

➡️ Sending a specialized bonding transaction to the Validator’s address, you unite your account balance with the account balance of the Validator. In this case your coins are just frozen on your account.

🪙 New DELs are distributed by the network between each bonded coin. The more coins, you delegate, the more you mine.

👛 DecimalWallet can be downloaded on the smartphone, therefore you’ll be able to do it all with one phone, including selling mined DELs within the exchange.

⏬Download the DecimalWallet, bond your DELs and mine liquid coins on your mobile.



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