How to launch your project on Decimal and keep 2 years and $2 million in savings.

3 min readSep 18, 2022


Before we learn how and why Decimal came about, we need to travel back to 2018, when the BIT.TEAM team was actively developing the BTT token. The team encountered problems while developing their own token, and solving them became the foundation of Decimal.

The first version of the BTT token was based on the ERC-20 protocol, as there were no worthy alternatives at the time. And at the same moment, the first problem appeared — complexity.

It is not an easy challenge even now in 2022, to find a specialist who can create a token contract on Solidity, and in 2018–2019 the task was almost impossible. The task was done with enormous losses. As a result, half a year and from $200,000 to $300,000 were lost.

Technology has evolved rapidly, and Cosmos SDK-based solutions are becoming popular in 2019. It was the one that the creators of BTT decided to use to scale their idea. And in this case, the first problem was completely absent — it was easy and very fast to create a token without any developer involvement. But over time, weaknesses were found in this solution as well, specifically the scalability problem, both technically and marketing-wise.

In 2019, the team set out to develop a solution with its vision of the problems learned from its own experience. The solution is called Decimal.

2020, September — Decimal’s core network launched, covering the basic problems that the team had laid down at the time, but progress is not standing still.

The next key point is the end of 2022. This is where you and I are at the moment.

Now, we will take a look at the history of the BTT token, which in 2020 had its third version on the Decimal blockchain, and explore the power of the Decimal blockchain.

  • It takes 3–5 minutes to create a token, with no developer on staff
  • The token becomes instantly visible to 121957 users, 93 developers of their own

coins and 59 validators. This opens up opportunities not only for marketing but also for collaborations with other developers

  • The voting has been started, and Decimal-based tokens will be added to BIT.TEAM in

less than a week, and to DEX (,, due to EVM compatibility, which allows adding the token to CoinMarketCap. Once again: in less than a week, the token has at least 2 trading venues and access to the world’s largest rating agency

  • Decimal team has created a DApp for Ledger and by voting the decision is (possibly

already on Decimal DAO) Decimal-based tokens will get their own application for Ledger, which the creator of the token only needs to upload to GitHub for verification.

In other words, a Decimal-based token creator makes a quick start and saves 2 years and $2–3 million, passing several years in less than months. At the same time, no developers are even needed — you get everything you need to make the project successful just because it is on Decimal.

It is our basic idea and mission to bring achievements of our own experience to others. Those who create on our blockchain get it quickly, effortlessly and cost-effectively.

We believe that the success of Decimal is the success of each and every one of you and we, the Decimal team, are doing everything we can to make you successful!




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