How many coins does a delegator get per day?

1 min readMay 13, 2021

💰How many coins does a delegator get per day?

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⁉️How often do you ask yourself a question about the percentage of new coins given by DecimalChain network to delegators?

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The point is that the delegator’s profit depends on the number of initial factors, including the total amount of coins that have been issued, how many of them are bonded to validators, fee charges set by the validator you’ve chosen, whether he/she ever got any fines, and also how many coin you have bonded.

👉🏼All of the rates are indicated on decimalchain browser

🔢The formula that allows you to calculate the current profit percentage on the basis of these data is presented onthe 13th page inEconomics” category.

In order to help any user to deal with calculations, we have created a document which describes strategies and possible scenarios. This document is called “Economics” and os presented on the main page of the website, close to “White paper” and “Year paper”. We recommend that you read all of them.

🪙 Try to bond 100 DEL to any validator and see which profit you’ll have..

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