How is Decimal related to other blockchains?

Decimal was created with the help of Cosmos SDK, a set of tools for developing blockchain applications. Cosmos SDK is a secure and reliable solution that allows you to deploy blockchains without having to create everything from scratch.

Cosmos aims to provide communication and interaction between thousands of cryptocurrency systems created on a common base.

Decimal is compatible with all the blockchains in the Cosmos Network, of which there are already 114 projects.

Just imagine: tokens of one blockchain can be safely used on another blockchain, which means that many communities, companies and their clients can be united in a common secure and transparent ecosystem, which will allow implementing new level of loyalty programs where any user would be able to earn his points or points from one entrepreneur, and spend them with any other, not only in the Decimal ecosystem, but also in the unified Cosmos systems.

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Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.