Guide: how to create and sell NFT

🛠️NFTs are crypto assets. This is not the same as cryptocurrency. NFT represents some object that has passed verification and turned out to be in the blockchain and now belongs to you, and therefore it can be sold by you. This means that out that any work of art or an X-ray of someone’s lungs can be turned into an asset.

👤The owner of such a token becomes the owner of a unique object. And his property is protected securely as all records of transactions are kept in a single and open blockchain system.

Blockchain optimists are in a hurry trying not to miss the opportunity to participate in this new initiative. After all, anyone can create an NFT on an open blockchain, such as DecimalChain, in three minutes and without special skills!

What can be turned into an asset using NFT:

🔸Digital art.

🔸Game cards.

🔸A series of art videos.

🔸Virtual real estate.

🔸Virtual fashion.


🔸Historical lots (marginal notes, draft bit, first text).

🔸And that’s all there is enough imagination for.

So, now that you know what can be placed in NFT, just follow the instructions:

🔺Create an NFT with your personal DecimalChain console.

🔺Send your NFT to the marketplace.

🔺Create your profile on the marketplace.

🔺Describe your NFT and set the price.

🔺Wait for the transaction request.

🙌🏻Wish you creativity and successful collecting!




Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.

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Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.

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