🔄From DecimalChain to Ethereum.
Or what is Decimal cross-chain?

🏦Exchanging cryptocurrencies at exchanges and other specialized platforms may still take up a lot of time and is often associated with high fees. Far from all the exchanges support all the existing coins and certain trading pairs. As a result, users who want to exchange some currency for another have to spend money and time on additional operations.

🔂Cross-chain technologies ensure an opportunity to exchange coins of various blockchains. Such exchanges occur quickly and without the involvement of intermediaries.

🔄Decimal cross-chain is an automated protocol that creates a mirror copy of any token from the Decimal network on Ethereum blockchain.

💸Thus, token may be moved from one blockchain to another preserving its essence, characteristics and value. All you need to indicate is the amount of money you want to send from one blockchain to another.

🔃The exchange is processed via the simple and user-friendly interface of Decimal console. All you need to indicate is name and amount of the coin you need to transfer. After that the specified amount of coins from one blockchain will be blocked within the smart-contract, and the equivalent of this amount will be credited to the wallet of another blockchain.

⛓Cross-chain makes it possible to use tokens created on DecimalChain within the network of Ethereum, while their holders may benefit from all the advantages of the DeFi market built on ERC20 standard contracts.

📑By introducing cross-chain into Decimal we have solved several key issues:

✔️participation in DeFi projects
✔️attraction new audience
✔️use of all Ethereum and DecimalChain benefits

🤝So join the Decimal community, use the cross-chain swap and participate in DeFi projects!




Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.

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Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.

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