Friday’s Digest

2 min readFeb 3, 2023


Two months of winter are a thing of the past, February has arrived. A month of winds and weather changes, so stay warm and read our news whilst we bring you Friday’s digest! Lots of good things happened this week, so take 5 minutes to look back and enjoy them with us.

Best community post
At the very beginning of the week, the post from the Decimal community at CoinMarketCap made it to the highlights on the platform’s home page. Thank you, friends, for your support and engagement!
How about reaching the next achievement — hitting the list of trending projects. Will you make it?

Token Burning at Decimal
We performed the first DEL burning in summer 2022, Q3, and the second in Q4. This is no longer necessary because there is an automatic commission burn with the DSC update. This and the issuance we have explained in a new article. Read on and ask questions, we would be very glad to answer them.

The blockchain school held a project defence
Future crypto and blockchain professionals, but still students, are actively preparing project papers and bringing real-life business projects to life. This week one of the teams of students defended their project.

Test integration into Keplr wallet
We’ve mentioned and talked many times about IBC implementation, EVMs, and the capabilities available with the Cosmos SDK. Now it’s time for us to match our words with actions. Therefore, earlier this week, we informed you about the successfully completed testing of Decimal in the decentralized wallet Keplr, the leader and main wallet in the Cosmos ecosystem that works with IBC. Read more about the wallet and integration above!

Decoding challenge
Tomorrow, on Saturday, we’ll be holding our favourite contests in Discord to decode the SEED phrase! So make sure you join our server, sign up and set notifications for the posts, so you won’t miss the start and maybe you’ll be the winner.




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