Friday’s Digest!

2 min readJul 7, 2023

Say goodbye to the first and abnormally hot week of July. We wish you a great weekend, and we have Friday’s Digest!

AMA — Session Successful Proquests: ITCoin
Today, June 7 at 20:00, there will be a live chat with Konstantin Ponomorev and the founder of ITCoin, Konstantin Konstantinov. We’ll be waiting for your interesting questions about the ITCoin project, and keep our social media at the ready to activate your $100 check.

Decimal Dapps
Decimal Dapps was officially registered as a legal entity on 6/19/2023. Thanks to the official registration, a wide range of opportunities for business interaction and development of the project opened up. In connection with this significant event, step-by-step rebranding of social networks and all our products is already planned.

Decimal x Galxe
The Decimal team together with Galxe have prepared a campaign for you to attract an audience to Decimal’s social networks and to increase the number of DDAO holders, hence more decentralization. Read more here.

Didn’t pop out
The Sharks game development team decided to run their project on a different blockchain because the requirements for projects on Decimal proved to be overly strict. Therefore, we recommend our users to leave the testing chat of the game, as well as to block bot alerts in order not to receive advertising mailings.




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