Forget about discounts, people want impressions!

$ 1.6 trillion a year are business losses due to customer churn, but the good news is: it is 10 times cheaper to retain existing customers than to attract new ones.

❓How to retain a client

Implement a competitive loyalty program and then at least 54% of your customers will come back

On DecimalChain you can create your own coin in 3 minutes. And then you`ll have access to all the services for its use and control. We provide a ready-made service, with a minimum cost of 1000 DEL coin (approximately 16,000 rubles) for designing.

❓What can you do with your crypto

* give customers cashback for purchases
* reward for activity
• introduce personalized discounts
* reward for marathons/challenges
* make referral payments

You can exchange the received crypto for rubles or dollars at any time.

How can your clients use the coin

* buy products
* get personal discount
* get access to exclusive services
• to give and to exchange coins
* exchange your crypto for rubles and dollars
• participate in club activities and influence any decision of the management
* Collaborate with brands and bloggers inside the DecimalChain system.

❓What is the difference from an ordinary loyalty system?

1. No need to maintain a complex system for development and security. No one can steal your crypto as it is provided with real money.
2. The value of the points that you receive is much higher as it is completely autonomous.
3. All Decimal cryptos are interchangeable, thus you will be able to get more clients from other brands of the system.
You can consider the case of our company called DAR, you will find it on the DecimalWiki information resource in the “coins of the network” block or study examples of the tokenized loyalty program for international brands such as Marriott, Barcelona Football club or Reddit social network.

Be among the first! Your clients will appreciate it.

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