🙌🏻Everstake adds DEL

👥Everstake has been operating in the crypto market for over three years, and now it’s among TOP-21 EOS validators. Everstake launches an integrated infrastructure that enables users to quickly make bonding transactions.

👤Everstake is the validator in over 30 blockchains with Proof of Staking protocol, and supports staking in such systems as Tezos, Cosmos, Polkadot, Solana, Icon, Cardano, Near, Elrond, Eos and others.

🤝On October, 21 the company launched the validator on DecimalChain network and announced the new partnership on its social media.

☝🏽Now DEL staking will be available for Everstake users.

Wish you a great weekend and beneficial partnerships!



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