DUSD’s launch

2 min readJul 28, 2023

As you’ve noticed, the news is coming one after another — this is due to the approaching crypto season, which usually runs from August to January.
So it is with us, over the summer we have done a lot of work and now the fruits of our labors are appearing.

In the announcement of the launch of AmpleSwap, we already mentioned that we will be launching something important and liquidity related. Those of you who know how pools work and closely follow Decimal’s sequence and strategy — have already guessed that the next announcement will be the launch of the DUSD stablecoin.

Despite the fact that the DUSD contract was created long ago and we have already written about it, the applicability and functionality of DUSD could get only with the launch of DEX and liquidity pools. Now, when the AmpleSwap contract is verified in Mainnet Decimal Smart Chain — the launch of DUSD can be considered successful.

What does this news mean for project creators and ordinary users?

  • more trading pairs will appear;
  • additional liquidity in the market;
  • possibility to convert to DUSD/BUSD/USDT;
  • additional liquidity pools.

New pairs will appear in the nearest future, which means that the market will become more liquid.
We remind project creators about the necessity of preparing your project to enter CoinMarketCap and fulfill the instructions prepared for you.




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