Digital Gold — Protection for your gold reserve

For thousands of years, people have used gold as a symbol of prosperity, wealth, and power. In our time, gold is not only used as a decoration or as a means of preserving wealth, it is also used as a reserve currency, in medicine and electronics. Since gold is very valuable, experts say that the price of this source metal will continue to rise in the coming years.

Digital Gold-ERC-20 stablecoin backed by gold

Have you ever imagined that the physical gold that people usually keep in their safes can now be easily carried anywhere in digital form? In digital format, users can safely and easily store their gold. If users need it, they can exchange this digital gold for physical form on the specified platform at any time. This is the solution offered by Digital Gold, an ERC-20 stable coin backed by real gold. The digital gold offered by the Digital Gold platform is real gold, and 1 gold token is equivalent to 1 gram of gold (99.99% FINE), and ownership can be accounted for. Users can view the relevant documents on the Digital Gold website. The project intentionally makes these documents publicly available to convince users that the digital gold offered by Digital Gold is actually real gold, not virtual gold.

As long as users store Digital Gold tokens in their digital wallets and do not transfer private keys, the company guarantees that the Digital Gold tokens owned by users are completely secure. Digital Gold has partnered with Singapore-based insurance company Chubb to ensure the complete safety of physical gold.

Features of Digital Gold

  • Gold ownership

the project will buy physical gold in the amount of GOLD tokens purchased by the user. This way, when users want to exchange their digital gold tokens, liquidity will always be available.

  • Safe Haven

The company guarantees that the physical gold used for the secured GOLD tokens is completely safe in the vaults located in Singapore. Users can check the documents related to this on the Digital Gold website.

  • Diversify your portfolios

Gold is the safest investment asset for long-term investments, so diversifying your portfolio with gold is the right choice.

  • No fee required

Digital Gold will not charge users a transaction fee if the transaction amount is still below the account limit.


The GOLD token offered by Digital Gold is completely private, as it is based on the Ethereum ERC-20 cryptocurrency, so no one will know the identity of the owner of the GOLD token.

Conclusive thoughts


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