DEL is already being traded on another platform — the COINSBIT exchange.

DecimalChain was launched nine months ago, and the base coin of the blockchain is successfully traded on the BitTeam P2P platform , which daily turnover of DEL is now approximately 6 million rubles. And during the week of trading on COINSBIT , the daily turnover of DEL has already reached one million rubles.

Only 12.5% of DEL coins are in the free market, and the rest are frozen on staking balances.

This indicates the intention of the overwhelming majority of users to save and accumulate MONEY, as well as that the risks of price manipulation in free markets are excluded!

This is a favorable and safe time to enter rating agencies, international crypto exchanges and to assert themselves outside the Russian blockchain community.

To get to #coinmarketcap, you need to be present on at least two exchanges. In order to get to the main rating platform, the DEL coin has entered the COINSBIT exchange and is preparing for listing on the P2PB2B exchange. In the meantime, you can look at the statistics on coinmarketrate , where the DEL coin is already represented.

🗺The DecimalChain team is moving in accordance with the roadmap and systematically implements all the tasks set. Along with active development and obtaining licenses, we are also preparing for listing on top exchanges, but everything has its own well-adjusted and economically calculated time.

🤝Also, the DecimalChain team does not stop forming and attending all the important events of the blockchain industry. The other day, we again attended the annual international forum #BlockchainLife2021, where we met at least a hundred new users and a dozen potential target partners.

In the fall, we will visit Blockchain Life again, where we will be able to present a working marketplace and the creation of NFT tokens, stablecoins and illiquid tokens on the Decimal blockchain.

🙌🏻Download the Decimal Wallet wallet on your store and mine the popular, functional and liquid coin of the top blockchain right on your phone.

Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.

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