Decimal’s main news

Apr 5, 2024

DEL/RUB on the exchange
Since April 3, DEL/RUB trading has been moved from the P2P market to the SPOT trading of the Bit.Team exchange. Now, users can buy and sell DEL coin in the SPOT-terminal in the DEL/RUB trading pair.

New videos on Youtube and TikTok
Sam Bankman was sentenced to 25 years in prison. But the collapse of FTX wasnt the biggest tragedy in the history of crypto market. Lets remember about Mt Gox hack and about Bitconnect bankrupcy. And watch our tutorial explaining how to create your coin.

RRUNION Project Audit
The Decimal DApps team has launched an audit of the RRUNION project. The products that will be evaluated are Coins, Validators, Services, Business and Education. AirDrop has been launched. Read more in the DDApps channel.

Total validators: 84. New wallets: +191. Total tokens: 343.




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