DecimalProjects Marketing and Listing agency

👋🏼Hey, community!

We guess that you already know the project browser on DecimalChain blockchain, the browser that has been created by Monkey Club Phuket validator in July, 2021.

📆Over just a few months the great work has been done on expanding the DecimalProjects with support from DecimalSchool team.

Today we are ready to present you the full-fledged marketing and listing agency for token creators, validators and projects based on the DecimalChain blockchain!

We have conducted the visual and conceptual rebranding, collected a team, prepared the relevant data, and now we are announcing the official launch!

DecimalProjects is the infrastructure that enables you to:

▪️Find info and contacts of the tokenised projects on the website or in the mobile App.

▪️Get info about projects’ launch, their development and various offers within the informational channel.

▪️Ask any questions and discuss all the news of the projects in the chat.

▪️Follow the news on the project Instagram.

DecimalProjects let project creators to present themselves, their goals and attract users to their channels. Besides, users will be able to ask any questions as discuss projects in DecimalProjects.

👤Any person can get a clear and independent image of what has already been launched on the basis of DecimalChain blockchain and what is to be launched, and developers and project managers will share links to their resources and publish ads within the platform and on DecimalProjects social media.

🚀The team is working at the mobile App for

iOS and Android, so that you would always be in contact with projects released within the Decimal community.

🙌🏻Subscribe to the DecimalProjects community and follow the news on DecimalChain!



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