DecimalChain is at Blockchain Life

Apr 21, 2021


🙌🏻DecimalChain is at Blockchain Life and already met familiar faces of the industry colleagues and users as well.

❗️ It hardly needs to be reminded that BL is the currently the largest international industry event that should be attended by each crypto enthusiast!

🤓Today we are to visit the following sections:

👣DeFi and NFT trends in 2021

👣Integration of crypto mechanisms in everyday life

👣Industry regulation in Russia, CIS and Europe. New draft laws and initiatives. Law on Digital assets.

👣Review of crypto market trends by leading international exchanges

📹As usual, we’ll prepare a review for those who cannot attend the conference, and we’ll talk to participants and forum speakers.

🗣We are looking forward to interesting and useful speeches and seeing you as well!




Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.