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1 min readJul 24, 2021


🙌🏻Hey, community!

Although DecimalChain is the simplest and most user-friendly blockchain and crypto constructor, you still have to make some effort to handle the technology.

✅It’s not a problem if you can not clearly understand the process that takes place on the blockchain when you send DEL or create your own token, just like you do not have to know how planes fly when you fly from some city to another.

🔎 Still, we write and talk a lot about the technology in our information resources for you to feel safer and more confident.

In case you still haven’t subscribed them, then you’d better do this right now!

▪️ Instagram — here you’ll find a lot of useful information everyday, crypto giveaways and live streams.

▪️Youtube — video instructions on how to use the ecosystem, reviews, interviews and records of some important staff meetings.

▪️Telegram channel @decimal_en — the channel where we publish key operational info.

▪️Telegram chat @decimalchain_en — the chat we communicate in

▪️Supporting telegram bot — @Decimalchain_support_bot –

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☀️Wish you a great weekend!




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