Decimalchain as a tool and educational platform

This is the second article on the new White Paper, in which we look at Decimal as a tool for business issues and educational purposes. You can read the first article on WP here.

The original idea behind Decimal was not to make a profit but to expand the possibilities and facets of using blockchain as a useful and multifunctional tool of the digital age, as the computer itself once was. This is discussed in chapter two, “2. Mission”.

The Decimal team faced difficulties and questions in negotiating with exchanges and other partner companies while implementing the project. At that time, there was not yet a specific director for cooperation and business development, so sometimes the processes went wrong. But mistakes lead to experience and new knowledge, which must be used. There were situations when projects with which cooperation was started went bankrupt to the point that nothing came of it. The Decimal team has gone this way and has learned enough to have the result we have now. So, solving business issues has become real and as simple as possible.

At the moment, Decimal’s blockchain is in the testing stage of integration with Ledger. A month ago, Ledger representatives reported that the technical work was just underway. Once completed, Decimalchain-based users and token creators will also be integrated into Ledger. How much time and resources would a startup project take to integrate into Ledger? Answer: a lot. So, from creating a custom coin to supporting the largest crypto markets, the project would save an incredible amount of resources just because the project exists on Decimalchain. If you’re interested in learning more about how to save money on project creation, we suggest reading this article.

At the moment, there are 100 coins on the Decimal network, meaning 100 projects that have used blockchain to develop their product and have been trusted. There is a special separate programme for validators. All new validators receive grants in the form of a delegated amount. The current number of validators can be found in Explorer.

Now, all the partnerships that Decimal has and the exchanges where DEL is listed have built up a reputation and public attention for their credibility. But before, there were far more scams and young projects made for financial fraud. We live in a world where information from anywhere can be obtained in a matter of seconds. Everything is changing, and the rate of growth increases exponentially every year. You cannot check the reliability of the source, and the reputation of the company and be fully confident in the information. It can’t help but have an impact on the brain and the psyche. Therefore, the Decimal team carefully selects news and information for the audience, from verified and trustworthy sources. Everything will seem complicated without an outlook and the ability to acquire skills and knowledge. Also, various informative articles are gradually introduced, because many of those who have been in crypto even for a long time don’t understand how the whole system works on a technical level. And the developers themselves may not understand how it works beyond the back end. You can read about what blockchain is and how it came to be here.

Given how the crypto industry is ramping up, it cannot be argued that it will not become ubiquitous. Once upon a time, the same plastic cards were out-of-this-world technology, but now we can send digital assets and money to another continent within minutes. New technology comes along with each century that has the potential to overturn the entire established structure. And every technology needs time until societies understand and know the technology. Just how fast things change and you just have to be able to resist, as we wrote about here.

Every action prompted new questions, which in turn led to solutions. In this way, Decimal became a real tool for solving questions.



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