Decimal x AmpleSwap

2 min readJul 27, 2023



The most attentive of you have already read about this news, and those who are subscribed to our Twitter have known about this important news for the project for almost a week.

A full-fledged DEX is launching on the Decimal Smart Chain blockchain!
Earlier we announced this event and while colleagues from are busy with development, AmpleSwap project, with already ready DEX, which is listed on CMC — has beaten them and became the first DEX launched on Decimal.

What does this milestone mean for project creators and regular users?

  • Liquidity pools will appear;
  • Additional trading pairs, the most key of which we will write about in the next post, as such an important announcement requires a separate news;
  • Large number of transactions;
  • The possibility for each project on Decimal to easily start its own pool and get listed on CMC, as AmpleSwap is in the tracking system CoinMarketCap, which means that any pair that has gained a certain liquidity (usually more than $1000) — will appear in the display automatically;
  • It will be possible to add conversion of external assets to DEL/DDAO within apps, console.

There are more and more projects on the blockchain and we are sure that this opportunity was the missing bridge to CoinMarketCap for them. With 259 algorithmic tokens currently listed on the network, 65+ projects need to be listed on CMC as Decimal tokens to take the blockchain to the next level.
With your support we will achieve this goal! And we will be on par with Ethereum, Cosmos, BSC, Tron, Solana, Matic.
Prepare your social networks according to the provided instructions next news will be about the launch of AmpleSwap in Mainnet and there will be a separate post with instructions on how to create your own liquidity pool.




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