Decimal Weekly News Digest

1 min readMar 29, 2024

DEL trading volume accounting on CoinMarketCap
On exchange, DEL coin trading has been moved from P2P market to SPOT. Now users can trade DEL/RUB in the SPOT terminal. This will allow to take into account the trading volumes of DEL coin on CoinMarketCap. Read more in the CEO Decimal channel.

DUSD listing on
The BitTeam exchange has successfully integrated the DUSD/USDT trading pair. The DUSD algorithmic stablecoin is backed by USDT (Tether), which provides a solid base for its stability. Users can now trade USDT on both SPOT terminal and P2P exchange

New videos on Youtube and TikTok
You know the story about a TV show canceled because its NFT was stolen? Watch here. Have you ever thought about creating your own NFTs? Learn how to create in just 1 minute on Decimalchain

MAKAROVSKY project audit
Decimal DApps team has successfully audited the MAKAROVSKY project. As a result, the project was given an average trust score of 120.97, an overall rating of AAA and the status: “verified team”. Detailed information about the evaluation criteria and results can be found in the Project Book

Created validator: SwissCryptoNodes (5% commission).
New wallets: +195.
Total tokens: 343




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