Decimal Weekly News Digest

2 min readMar 22, 2024

New videos on Youtube and TikTok
This week we will remember the story of the biggest tragedy in the NFT market: Pixelmon! By the way, do you know the difference between NFT vs SFT? We made a video explaining this… And here watch a tutorial explaining how you can create your own NFT on Decimal Blockchain.

Decimal & Football World AMA session
On Thursday, March 21, Binance live hosted a broadcast with the FBWORLD coin team: Sergey Seleznev and Maxim Fedorov. During the live broadcast, the creators of the project answered questions from the audience and talked about their project dedicated to the most popular sport — soccer. The recording is available on Binance live. Broadcast in Russian.

Launch of DEL/RUB fiat pairs on
BitTeam exchange has successfully integrated new trading pairs DEL/RUB and RUB/USDT expanding the arsenal of financial instruments. Now users have the opportunity to conduct trading operations in Russian ruble (RUB) without intermediate exchange stages.

Audit of MAKAROVSKY project
Decimal DApps team has launched the audit of MAKAROVSKY project. The products that will be evaluated are “Coins”, “Validators” and “Services”. AirDrop has been launched. For more information on DDApps.

Created 4 new coins: COSMETOLOG (CRR 80%), ROVANIDA (CRR 10%), MULTICOIN (CRR 65%) и INORUBLE (CRR 85%). The total number of tokens is 343.




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