About DecimalSchool

About DecimalSchool

⛔️ Today the blockchain industry is represented by amateurs rather than by experts. That’s why some people are making a fortune on crypto, while others are loosing all the money they have.

Sometimes the thing that works in the morning turns to work against you in the afternoon. Trends and strategies are changing faster than we blink, and yesterday’s “x” are turning into “y”.

🏫DecimalSchool provides online courses for those who want to study the foundation, not the roof that goes off due to some Elon Musk Twitter.

⚒️ Here you’ll get all the necessary skills and instruments. It’s like a real school. Only hardworking. But that’s effective.

📣 The presentation of school is to be held

🗓 September, 1st
⏰ 20:00 Moscow time
YouTube DecimalChain

🪄 DecimalShool — is a magic that can be used outside Hogwarts!



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Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.