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2 min readMay 24, 2024


Decimal Wiki
Decimal expands the functionality of the Wiki educational platform and invites coin creators to fill in information about their projects. The Wiki Encyclopedia helps blockchain users to better learn about the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. We invite you to register.

News from the Decimal development team
Decimal is actively preparing the blockchain for an update that will take into account the initiative from Decimal’s CEO. In addition, an update on tokenomics is being prepared and you are in for some nice news soon. Also, at this stage there are still glitches in the display of blockchain information on For correct work we recommend to use

Decimal & Securr Partnership Announcement
Decimal is creating a secure Web3 interface, and with Securr users will be able to find vulnerabilities in the blockchain. Integration is in process, with a Bug Bounty program launching in June. Offer to participate in the advertising campaign on Galxe and get a commemorative NFT.

Decimal Feedback Form
We continue to receive feedback from users of the Decimal blockchain. If you would like to contact the Decimal team and leave your suggestions, please fill out this form.

Audit of «NOVOSELKA» project by DDAPPS
The Decimal DApps team has launched an audit of the NOVOSELKA project, which represents a tokenized atelier. The products that will be evaluated are Coins and Business. More details in the DDApps channel.

2 new coins were created. Total tokens: 378. New wallets: +186. Total validators: 84.

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