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📢 We often hear the term “decentralization” when it comes to blockchain networks but we hardly understand the full meaning of this word.

Decentralization is the process of redistribution of functions, power, responsibility, people and things and taking them away from some centralized location or the governing authority.

💨 Decentralization represents just a process of redistribution of various functions, so that the operation of the whole system would not depend on one managing source that is easy to find and attack.
But one should not make mistake thinking that decentralization guarantees a complete security.

💵 With the advent of cryptocurrencies we have been so inspired by the concept of money that belongs us only (due to decentralization) that we have compeletely forgotten about the responsibility we bear using them.

🔐Now it is we who has to consider the security of our crypto wallets. No one would restore our passwords, no one would cancel the wrong transaction, no one would protect our gadgets that we use for both storing our passwords and using the Wi-Fi in public places.

🧐 And it is we who need to explore the technology, no one would do that for us. So we should have a clear understanding of the currency we hold on our wallet and what prospects it has in the current and future conditions.

Tomorrow, at 4 in the afternoon Moscow time we’ll have a live broadcast on what is DecimalChain with the company’s frontmen — Maksim Bryunetkin.

🙌🏻 So try to figure it out, ask questions and join the DecimalChain community

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