🪙 DCSCHOOL coin was launched on 15 September and started with 0.3 DEL per coin and with a reserve of 1 000 DEL.

📈 In 10 days DCSCHOOL has more than doubled, and the current coin reserve is 43 661. 425 DEL.

💰The coin’s CRR is 80%, and this makes it the most profitable coin for bonding, and that’s why the 93% of DCSCHOOL is now in bonding.

🏫 DCSCHOOL was launched to encourage DecimalSchool students. DecimalShool is an educational project with its own validator on the DecimalChain blockchain, NFT graduation diplomas with tokens instead of marks.

📲The project’s team is working at its own mobile App, bot for selling NFT student cards, and the school’s website. All of this ensure great prospects not for the project itself but for the DCSHOOL token as well. Due to this, we have decided to organize a raffle off the school tokens on the Russian DecimalChain community chat .

To participate the raffle, just subscribe the @DecimalChain telegram chat.

☀️Wish you new skills, green zone for your tokens and a great weekend!

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