DCBounty Validator

A few days ago, we created a #DAR token on DecimalChain in order to pay you for your activity.

➡️DAR is a functional token intended primarily for marketing purposes. Many loyalty programs work on the same principle and economic calculations, so DAR is also a case for entrepreneurs.

👤You can find the DCBounty validator on your personal DecimalChain console, in the Explorer section. This is a kind of liquidity provider for the DAR token that will spend all the generated coins on buying off DARa, so that its price does not decrease and you are always interested in receiving it for activity. Our developers have written an algorithm according to which the DCBounty validator automatically redeems DAR every 24 hours.

‼️Please note that the DCBounty validator commission is 100%. This is done so that no one would think to bond their coins to him, since in this case the validator will take 100% of your mining.

❗️It is also not advisable to delegate DAR to other validators, since the CRR of our token is 10% which means that your Dar stake will generate approximately 1% of new coins per month. It will anyway be less than what you can earn for videos, reviews, articles, winning quizzes, and other activities.

❓What should you do with DARs?
❕Exchange to DEL once it is most profitable for you and then to any currency that you are interested in!

😉Follow the news, there will be a lot of them soon!