👤Custodian — an institution (usually a bank) that holds securities and other financial assets of clients, as well as manages these assets.

🔑 Custodial cryptocurrency wallets resemble banking instruments. Their distinctive feature is that the user does not have full control over their funds, since the operator (custodian) has access to the private key. This has its advantages. For example, if you lose your passwords or keys, you will be able to access your funds again.

🔐 A non-custodial wallet can be considered a cryptocurrency wallet that retains the user’s ability to fully control the keys and their funds. This category includes hardware, mobile, paper, desktop, and web wallets.

🙌🏻The DecimalWallet wallet is non-custodial. For example, if you lose the private key and the phrase to restore it, the funds will be irretrievably lost.

💭Remember the story of a British miner who in mid-2013 mistakenly threw out a hard drive with 7,500 bitcoins extracted in 4 years. Today it is about $270,000,000. The number of rubles does not fit in the line of the calculator.



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