🙌🏻 The concept of “community” has become a widely used term since 2007.
It is considered that the first creators of community were developers of network computer online-games.

🕸 Today, despite the diversity, Internet communities continue to be the fastest growing.

🤝 Community is a group of people united by common interests.

Audience/clients/subscribers and community are not the SAME thing. A company can have a large number of clients still having no community, and vice versa.

Community criteria
▫️presence of common interests
▫️regular online and offline communication
▫️private interaction between participants, building close relationships
▫️awareness of belonging to the community
▫️emergence of users with certain roles and characters

🌿 There is also an emerging own slang in stable internet communities, as well as local memes, stickers and other things. Their presence can be considered as an important but not necessary criterion.

🏆 Communities of specialist are becoming the market regulators in various spheres. They teach specialists, help them to grow, form new alliances, brands and companies, bring new ideas and solutions.

❔And what criteria does our DecimalChain community have?




Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.

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Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.

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