📉Celebrities NFT are falling in price

🚀The hype and boom of NFT occurred largely thanks to celebreties who managed to easily earn millions by minting collections of their own digital art. However, fans were hardly able to sell their stellar NFTs for at least half of their original cost.

🔎Let’s try to figure out what value the NFT technology offers us, how the art market is now involved in this industry and how DecimalChain has advanced the issue of NFT value.

📲NFT is a way to digitize any value in order to capture its creation, movement and belonging to someone on the blockchain. NFT cannot or has not yet managed to solve the issue of 100% copies. But let’s be honest: there are countless copies of Kazimir Malevich’s painting. But only documents and provenance from an institution (such as a museum or gallery) that you are the owner of the original piece of art are valuable. And Malevich himself is not just a popular blogger or pop star, he is the author of many works recognized by the same institutions.

💵The market for art objects investments is large, well-established and operates according to its own unshakable laws. Long-time investors in NFT mostly avoid participating in the “famous” market because they use traditional analysis tools, although some exhibits from the stars meet the needs of collectors.

“Some of the exhibits are tasteful, like Paris Hilton’s fall from Nifty Gateway, and there are some with poor design and poor execution,” said WhaleShark, one of the world’s largest NFT collectors who bought NFT from Paris Hilton but stays away from other famous NFTs.

Make no mistake that any digital content will suddenly gain value only due to the fact that it is NFT. Of course, in the meta-universe, into which we are smoothly moving all of humanity, it is not the object itself that becomes important, but the confirmed possession of it. But so far, you will not be satisfied with just a record on the blockchain. The buyer wants either to own beautiful content, or to be able to make a profit from this purchase.

🔗DecimalChain gives this opportunity at the expense of a reserve when creating an NFT. This means that even if the embedded content has not found a response in the secondary market or has not yet found it and has not become historically important, you can delegate your NFT to any network validator. With the reserve that was invested in this exhibit, you will generate a basic blockchain token that already has value on the market, as well as a wide functionality that is constantly expanding.

By the time the file or its author becomes recognized by market institutions, the NFT itself created on DecimalChain will already bring you quite a few benifits.

What other blockchain can offer you this?

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