📕 Blockchain from A to Z

🛠️Consensus is a mechanism according to which validators reach agreement on some block and on each transaction.

⛓️In DecimalChain, like in any other blockchain, consensus algorithm describes how network nodes define “fair” and “unfair” transactions and nodes.

On DecimalChain blockchain consensus is reached according to the Delegated Proof of Stake algorithm and according to the Tendermint engine.

👤Consensus is a kind of a lottery, and the winner is the one who puts a block for a vote, and the voting is successful, the networks adopts this mode of transactions and account balances. Consensus is what ensures decentralized accounting of balance changes. It also arranged the data into a single version kept by miners (validators).

⚙️Tendermint is the ready-to-use consensus module that implies DPoS consensus implementation. Due to Cosmos Network and Tendermint engine, blockchain developers don’t have to set new algorithms for reaching DPoS consensus. Instead of this, they take the ready-made module.



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