📕Blockchain from А to Z

🔗Blockchain is a decentralized database.

🔐It is stored at many independent computers connected with each other on the internet.

Information kept on decentralized database cannot be lost or faked.

There are no intermediaries or third parties, and accuracy of estimates is guaranteed by the mathematic accuracy of the technology.

⚙️Blockchain can be used not only for crypto exchanges. It is also applied in banking industry, in the sphere or cybersecurity, identity cards, gaming industry, document management and so on.

Many of the existing and arising markets have become real only due to blockchain.

In fact, blockchain is a technology aimed at ordering various data.

⛓️DecimalChain — is the last generation blockchain design that combined the best industry achievements. DecimalChain is a simple and available constructor for all types of tokens and users with no technical skills.

You can create your own token on DecimalChain blockchain just in 3 minutes.



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