Blockchain for business

Blockchain for Business

DecimalChain has a cryptocurrency constructor.

You DON’T need to:

❌technical knowledge
❌high development costs
❌long time time for implementation.

You just need to:

✅log in to the DecimalChain user console
✅Open the “coin issue” tab»
✅enter the characteristics of your token.

☝🏽First of all, it is entrepreneurs and businesses who need their own token.

We know that all people are different and therefore the financial models of their businesses are unique in their own way. A universal coin cannot provide equally good support for business operations for everyone. Therefore, you determine the economic parameters of your coin yourself.

☝🏽Thanks to the financial provision of your token with DEL coins, it can be exchanged and sold immediately after creation.

The DEL reserve is a guarantee of your reliability as an issuer, and the confidence of your customers that they will always be able to exchange your token for any other network token or for DEL, which in turn can always be exchanged for any national currency of interest to the client.

To create a coin in DecimalChain:

▪️ purchase a native DEL coin in the amount required for the reserve (at least 1000 DEL).)

▪️ come up with a token name and a ticker (short name)

▪️ determine the number of your coins for the initial issue

▪️ determine the total number of your coins (issue).)

▪️ specify the initial reserve in DEL coins (at least 1000 DEL)

▪️ Specify the security percentage of your DEL coin (CRR)

📈Predictability is very important for business, so the rise or fall in the price of your coin always occurs according to the same formula: either someone replenishes the reserve, or reduces it.

👉🏼To understand how the value of your coin would behave in purchases, sales and exchanges, we have made a convenient simulation Calculator.

🪙 You create a virtual coin on our Calculator, and make the corresponding transactions, observing the change in the value of the coin. The detailed process of creating a token and the calculation logic are described in detail in Chapter 6 of the white paper.

🙌🏻Follow the news and join the DecimalChain community!




Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.

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Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.

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