Block in blockchain


📦 A block represents a special structure — a chain link anything can be recorded on — usually its is the transaction history of the network members.

⛓Chain of blocks makes blockchain unique and different from any type of storage and data transfer.

📝 Copies if the whole chain of blocks or its parts are stored at many computers and synchronize depending on the official rules of each blockchain.

According to certain algorithms that are build in the architecture of a concrete blockchain, each block is attached to the next one. Each subsequent block is connected with previous one with the hash-function of the block, and this makes it impossible to make any changes to the old blocks.

📖 Each user transmits a new transaction to the network, and this network is added to the list of unconfirmed transaction. This list is called mempool.

👥Validators are the network members who are responsible for choosing unconfirmed transactions out of mempool for including them into the subsequent block. This subsequent block is the candidate block.

🙌🏻The Decimal blockchain network block contains users transactions, DEL emission, validators’ signatures, fees, hashes of the current and previous blocks and other service information.

⏰ Blocks are generated on the Decimal blockchain each 5.5–6 seconds. Each block contains from 0 to 10 000 transactions weighing about 180 bytes each. The block opening reward is calculated automatically according to the emission model: 50 DEL for block initially, and then this number is increased each 432 000 blocks (~30 days).




Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.

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Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.

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