Hello, community!

👁 We all have unique physical attributes: DNA, fingerprints, hand geometry, vein pattern, iris, gait, voice intonation, signature. All these characteristics are not repeated, which means that it is possible to identify a person by them.

🔎 This is what biometric technologies are built on, and this makes it possible to recognize people by one or more physical and behavioral signs.

🤖 With the help of special devices — scanners, sensors and other readers — a person’s biometric data is recorded in a special database — this database can also be a blockchain.

✍🏻 The system remembers this information (for example, your fingerprint) and converts it into a digital code. Then, when you put your finger to the scanner again, the system compares the new code with what it recorded earlier. If the codes match, then she will give an answer that it is really you.

🔐 The information is stored in closed systems, access to which is restricted.

👤And in the blockchain, biometric identification data is protected by cryptography and stored anonymously.

🙌🏻DecimalChain will soon have a function for entering biometric data and hashing them in the blockchain.

👍🏻Therefore, you will no longer have to undergo verification anywhere on other sites, again and again, providing your personal data.

Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.