Benefits of Decimal

3 min readAug 10, 2020


Сryptoeconomics solves the problem of interaction between participants in digital ecosystems through cryptography and economic incentives. If Satoshi had not envisaged a reward for each signed block, miners would hardly ever want to invest in tech geer and electricity for the sake of a great idea of decentralization. It is the synergy of cryptographic protocols and benefits that created error and attack tolerance of the ecosystem. For this reason, we compiled an entire list of benefits for the Decimal users.

Profit generated by the network organization If the user is ready to install and run a master node on his computer, he will receive a reward for signing each block.

Unlike existing networks, with the course of time the reward will not decrease, — it will only increase so you are not likely to lose the incentive to support the network. The process of launch and maintenance of the master node is described in detail in software instructions for a validator. It does not require high qualifications of the user.

You can see the schedule of recently added coins in the white book. Additional revenue generated through the delegation of tokens Any coins can be delegated to a validator increasing his share (stake).

The validator is rewarded for checking the status of a transaction and shaping blocks in the blockchain network. He distributes rewards proportionately between the participants who delegated him their coins. Economy of time You have a project for which you have crafted a financial plan and business processes, outlined interaction scenarios and transaction channels between all participants. A few clicks at the Decimal website, and your project gets its own coin. Instead of thinking over technical implementation of transactions, you can rather spend your time on more practical things applicable for your business. Strict mathematical dependence of token cost depends on the supply/demand balance on the market The change in the value of coins within the Decimal network is based on math formulas of John Keynes, one of the most prominent economists of the early 20th century. Free to convert Thanks to the security mechanism (CRR), every coin in the Decimal ecosystem can be exchanged for any other coin of the network at any time. The asset will not be pending in your wallet forever contrary to your desire to exclude it from your portfolio.

Payment of commissions by any token within the ecosystem Each Decimal coin is backed by the stablecoin “DEL” native currency. This means you can make payment of commissions for transactions between any coins within the Decimal ecosystem. Stability and reliability The Decimal ecosystem implements DPoS consensus to ensure that the system grows more stable and reliable due to high speed. DPoS allows us to provide fast verification of transactions by a set of specialized network members — validators. Validators operate under a strict system of monetary penalties and incentives.

High number of operations and absence of delays The software of validators and the mere fact that a limited set of validators ensure the verification and validation of the huge number of transactions. With the growth of the Decimal network, we have provided a proportional increase of validators. Wide range of decentralized applications The Decimal team is constantly striving to increase the number of applications implemented with its own resources while engaging and motivating third-party teams and software enthusiasts.

Wide audiences of users and followers The Decimal Blockchain is built on Tendermint, a basic software within the Cosmos blockchains. Thus, Decimal is compatible with all blockchains within the Cosmos network, which already has 114 projects Having studied existing crypto-economic models evaluated in the real world testing, we managed to design the Decimal network to make it more efficient than existing options.

We are convinced that the Decimal network will establish a more sustainable ecosystem for the decentralized economy.




Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.