Validator — a crypto printing press.

The Decimal blockchain is a decentralized network of independent participants. The main participants are Validators; they perform basic technical work and are rewarded for this in the form of new coins of the network. The terms and amount of remuneration are specified in the Genesis block and cannot be changed.

What do Validators do?

Validators verify transactions, form transactions into blocks, and blocks into a chain. All these processes occur automatically with the software that you need to download and install. The more coins (steak) the validator has, the more often it can produce blocks, which means that it can receive rewards more often. The validator’s stack consists not only of its own funds, but also of funds transferred to it by other network participants — delegates.

As a validator, you can set any commission for delegates, which they will pay by delegating their coins to you because this is the only way delegates will also be able to receive remuneration according to their share.

The Decimal network was launched on August 1 and now it is supported by 13 validators. Further, only 4 validators will be added each calendar month. In order to become a validator, you must declare your candidacy in the personal console. The candidates with the highest stake will become validators.

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