AVT token on the Decimal blockchain

2 min readDec 14, 2022

Avatars is the new project on the Decimal blockchain!

Avatars aims to create a world of popular copies involving NFT technology based on the Decimal blockchain. The team presents a variety of NFT collections: from simple images to cards of famous athletes and avatars of celebrities. Besides, Avatars is working at NFT replicas of fine quality. Therefore, no matter what level of immersion in virtual reality you have, you’ll be able to find something for yourself.

The project token is AVT. This is the fourth token on the network, it has 3 symbols in its name, and Avatars received a grant of 1,000,000 DEL for developing it.

The token distribution occurs by delegating all the tokens that the creators have. The remuneration for the delegated amounts is distributed according to the following model of calculation:

  • 80% is directed to the token purchase;
  • 15% goes for bonuses;
  • 5% receives the project team.

At the moment of launch, the AVT token had the following characteristics:

— Initial issue: 100,000 AVT

— Initial reserve: 300,000 DEL

— Final issue: 17,000,000 DEL

— Initial token price: 4.28 DEL

— CRR: 70%

What is the peculiarity of AVT tokens?

The cost of the AVT token is directly related to the number of sold NFTs. The project has collected more than 700 collections in different niches. And the estimated cost of all NFTs ranges from 240,000,000 to 635,000,000 DEL.


When creating the project, the team provided and calculated the level of the cost depending on the reserve, and now the developers are ready to share this info with us:

Initial reserve: 300,000 DEL

Price: 4.28 DEL

Reserve: 3,000,000 DEL

Price: 8.56 DEL — X2

Reserve: 9,000,000 DEL

Price: 12.84 DEL — X3

Reserve: 550,000,000 DEL

Price: 41.6 DEL — X10

Project goals

At the moment, the project has gained more than 40,000 NFTs and has a well-developed structure. The company has several divisions:

  • Replicas
  • Fashion
  • Celebrities
  • Sports

Each of the departments is responsible for its direction. Thus, true art lovers may like the “Fashion” or “Celebrities” section. You can find the trendiest NFT items from brands and celebrities in these sections.

Over the next year, it is planned to issue 100,000 or more NFTs, get the token listed on the BitTeam platform, and launch individual trends like “Fashion”, “Celebrities”, and “Sport”. All these things together will be held alongside the corresponding thematic events that would allow the project to shoot in the shortest possible time. One of the company’s goals is to create and unite collections based on various blockchains into one project.

The team has set very promising goals for creating a cool NFT platform for collectors and art lovers. We believe all the goals will be achieved and wish the project’s team great success!




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