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2 min readJun 7, 2024


AMA session with Decimal CEO
Announcing a live session with Anatoly Berdnikov on BInance live. On Tuesday, June 11, at 19:00 (MSC) we invite you to the broadcast. For the best questions will be paid 1000 DEL. To send questions, please use the form. The broadcast will be held in Russian.

Decimal x Securr
The Decimal project has successfully integrated with Securr, a vulnerability discovery platform. A Bug Bounty program has been launched, which strengthens the security of the project by recruiting talent to identify and fix vulnerabilities.

Wiki Decimal
Decimal expands the functionality of the Wiki education platform. Updated pages for your projects. Invites coin creators to fill out information about themselves.

AirDrop Galxe
There are 3 AirDrop Galxe promos active on the Galxe promo site. You are invited to participate to get your nice bonus.

Results of “INVESTERIUM” audit by DDAPPS
The “INVESTERIUM” project has been audited by DDAPPS and the company’s products receive an average trust score of 63.25; the overall rating is BB. Detailed information about the evaluation criteria and results can be found in the Project Book on the project page at

Created 4 new coins: VISHENKA (CRR 10%), DELCOIN (CRR 10%), NIKOLSKY (CRR 70%) and FLASTIC (CRR 47%). Total tokens are 383. New wallets: +112. New validator DecimalTools (Fee 50%) was created. Total validators: 85.

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