AMA session with Decimal CEO Anatoly Berdnikov. Text format.

2 min readFeb 15, 2024

Hello, community!

On the 8th of February Binance hosted an AMA-session with Anatoly Berdnikov, CEO of Decimal. As promised, we prepared a text format in Russian and English for those who didn’t have a chance to watch it or it’s just more convenient:

🇷🇺 Text in Russian:

🇺🇸 Text in English:

For convenience, we publish a list of questions answered by Anatoly Berdnikov:

● With the move to EVM — are the big players expected to be there
● How to be a blockchain feature tester
● Will the commission change in EVM
● Which projects should be offered co-operation
● NFT with multiple tokens inside
● NFT in cheques
● Decimal and EVASM
● Is Decimal’s roadmap difficult to follow?
● Decimal wallet without internet
● Tokenisation of bloggers
● Decimal for CEOs
● Do the echelons of power know about Decimal?
● Instructions for tokenising a business
● Bridges to Top Blockchains
● Grants to realise ideas
● Next round of DDAO exchanges
● Decimal in 1, 2, 3, 5 years.
● Pause for Decimal’s DDAO buyout team for 24 hours
● Decimal’s strategic goal
● Initiatives from CEO
● Why Decimal has a future
● Comments on CEO initiative

Thank you for showing such interest and engagement! During the webinar we selected interesting questions for which their senders will receive 1000 DEL each:

● PavelNovoselov
● evladosai
● man_n_black
● Alexandr75003
● V_Belikov
● Pashakobby
● byPodivilov

The next AMA session is scheduled for the 22nd of February. And when the time is confirmed, we’ll let you know in the announcement. Questions can be submitted in advance in the Google form that we have prepared for you for the first airing.

Link of the broadcast recording in Russian:




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