All-in-one blockchain

🧩All-in-one blockchain

By 2021, the crypto-hype has finally passed, leaving behind more than 9 thousand cryptocurrencies (copies of bitcoin and each other) and only a few important functions that distinguish blockchains and have practical value.

The main elements of the crypto infrastructure have also been highlighted, which allowed ordinary users to become a little closer to the technologies and even use them.

Let’s look at these services and their functions:

💼Crypto wallets are convenient and familiar software for secure storage of cryptomonets, without the need to install software and download the entire cryptocurrency blockchain.

📈Crypto exchanges are platforms that exchange the cryptocurrency of one blockchain for the cryptocurrency of another blockchain, so an account on the exchange can also be considered a multi-currency centralized wallet.

Issue of the token. Only in 2016, the first platform appeared that allows you to create your own cryptocurrency with special skills. At the same time, the new technology of smart contracts-appeared.

📉This is all that can really be of practical value to the user. Now imagine that a wallet, an exchange, opportunity to issue your tokens, a smart contract, the ability to integrate other networks and applications, security, speed, and most importantly — simplicity — all this in one blockchain, in one coin, in one personal Decimal console.

🛠️Decimal is a kind of constructor for creating all kinds of tokens with a well-thought-out economy for use in traditional business and personal life. Your coins on the Decimal ecosystem are reliable, easy to use, clear to you and your customers. Coin sending occurs in a few seconds regardless of where you send it, bypassing state borders.

💰Owning any Decimal token, you can multiply them by means of DPoS mining. To do this, you need to bond your coins to special network nodes that technically support the operation of the Decimal blockchain. For their work, they receive a reward from the blockchain itself, which is automatically distributed among those who have delegated their coins to them.

🔎 This was a brief review of the latest achievements in blockchain technology.

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Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.

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Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.

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