All in one blockchain By 2020 the crypto hype was over leaving behind more than 5,000 cryptocurrencies (copies of Bitcoin and of each other) and just a few important functions that make blockchains different and have practical applications. Further, developers set up the main elements of crypto infrastructure to enable the ordinary user to get a bit closer to technologies and even use them in one way or another. Let’s have a look at these services: Crypto wallets are based on convenient and familiar software that lets you store your cryptocurrency. You don’t have to install software and download all blockchain crypto currencies.

Crypto exchanges are the platforms which trade a cryptocurrency of the blockchain ecosystem for a cryptocurrency of another ecosystem. For this reason, a cryptocurrency exchange account can be viewed as a multicurrency centralised wallet. The first platform where users could create their own cryptocurrencies using their specific skills was set up in 2016.

The innovative technology of smart contracts was introduced in the same year. This technology is immediately applicable and has some practical value for the user. Imagine that you have a cryptocurrency wallet, a cryptocurrency exchange, tokenization, a smart contract, security, speed, and most importantly, simplicity, — everything in one blockchain, in one coin, in one personal Decimal console.

Decimal is a kine of a kit for creating liquid tokens with the thought-after economic applications in traditional businesses. Keeping your cryptocurrencies in the Decimal ecosystem is a reliable, easy to use technology, clear for you and your customers. Coin transactions are completed within seconds sending money to any part of the globe transcending national borders.

You can make profit with any Decimal token. To be able to do this, you have to delegate your coins to special network members who technically support the work of the Decimal blockchain. For their work they receive the reward which is shared between those who have delegated them their coins. It was a brief review of the latest trend in blockchain technology. Follow our updates and join the Decimal community!

Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.