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2 min readJul 24, 2020

It’s been eleven years since the first blockchain-powered transaction was recorded. Since then, the digital economy has inched closer to ordinary consumers, but it has not yet reached the masses. It is clear that the generating and trading cryptocurrencies, speculating on their prices, and making profits are well-researched aspects of blockchain technology. These aspects were highly coveted at the initial stage of the burgeoning cryptocurrency market. However, the time has come to explore the infinite potential of blockchain applications.

Decimal Technologies is a team of professional developers, who have 6+ years’ experience in blockchain technology. We have already succeeded in creating unique and simple solutions for the users of cryptocurrency software that you may probably use. However, Decimal is a revolutionary product which would change the standards and reveal the potential of cryptocurrency applications for daily use: instant payments, tokenization of assets, loyalty scores in loyalty systems, cashback services, identification of users, proof of ownership rights and authenticity of documents, package tracking in sequence of supplies, fair algorithms for gambling industry, automatic execution of contracts, payment guarantee and safety of values; providing access to different resources, fair elections, credit provision, etc.

Our mission is to create a simple tool to optimize value sharing. It should be so simple that it would literally take five clicks to create your own cryptocurrency in the Decimal Blockchain. An untrained user should be able to make it the first time. If it doesn’t work the first time, it should definitely work the second time.

We are focused on the needs of ordinary internet users. Would you agree that paying by card does not require the knowledge of the process insde the terminals network as you make a card slip; the same should be true for cryptocurrencies. That’s why we would like to offer everyone the Decimal universal technical solution.

We believe that the user should not spend time learning how to use our solution, but solve his immediate problems and focus on the result of his actions rather than on technical details.

With the Decimal solution, your daily activities or business may change. For example, you can easily increase profits or create passive income; increase the number of loyal users; create your own coin or even a full-fledged cryptocurrency project, — — and this is what will be essential for all users regardless their skills in programming languages, maths or economics; a gadget connected to the Internet will be enough. And that’s it.

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