A story for those who forgot about the dream.

🙌🏻Hey, community!

The day before, the CINECOIN token appeared on the DecimalChain blockchain. A token with simple mechanics and parameters but a unique concept that we and our blockchain can be involved in.

💵The token was released by Siproductions as a tool with which the budget for the MONOLITH fil will be formed.

📽️It is worth noting that the debut work of Alexander Ivanov, the film director, and the actor Daniil Solovyov — the short film entitled “The Cage”, became a participant in the 25th international film Festival ‘Capri, Hollywood’, along with such films as “Argument” and “One More”, and took 20 wins and more than 15 nominations. Daniil Solovyov took 9 international wins in the nomination ‘Best Actor’

🎬They (Alexander and Daniel) have started filming the full-length film MONOLITH, which will be released in January 2023. Before the rental, the film will be sent to the most important festivals (Cannes, Berlinale, etc.).

After the release of the film, the box office will be used to buy back the token. A total of 20,000,000 CINECOINS have been released, which are issued to the address of the creator. This means that it is impossible to redeem it independently in the blockchain, as well as it is impossible to pay them a fee due to the fact that the token has a minimal reserve. The token was created for accounting with the subsequent division of box office fees between token holders (1 DEL = 20 CINECOIN).

👥Large holders of the token will receive such privileges as presence at a private screening of the film for media persons, presence on the movie making in Karachay-Cherkessia, a cameo role, a name in the credits and much more, depending on the amount of CINECOIN.

But most importantly, token holders will become pioneers in the film tokenization industry, as well as the Monolith itself — a new form of cinema in the Russian film industry. In addition to the form of the narrative, the relevance of the issues raised in the film and the young age of the authors, 4 celebrities from the Russian media space will take part in the filming.

🚀Due to the combination of all factors, the film promises to become the loudest debut and will be able to pay off several times, due to the coverage in the media sphere and a small budget.

“This film will take the viewer through suffering, and then lift him up to heaven, clear his mind and bring him down to earth. This story is for those who forgot about the dream, who forgot about love. People need hope and a feeling that they can fix everything”.

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