A new Decimal trademark has been registered

Mar 1, 2022


👋🏼Hey, community!

🇷🇺Decimal trademark is an intellectual property of the company. This is another step towards sustaining our positions on the Russian market, and the preparation to the procedure of obtaining a licence for DecimalChain in Russia in accordance to our legislations we are closely following.

📝In the result of the expertise of our trademark we have stated that it meets the requirements imposed by the Russian legislation in regard to the list of goods and/or services:

Cod 09

▪️hardware wallets for crypto;

▪️software for generating crypto keys for getting and spending crypto;

▪️computer software,

storage and transactions with digital currencies, virtual currencies, digital assets;

managing payments and exchange transactions with digital currencies.

🔎You can check the information about our trademark on the official Rospatent website (federal agency on intellectual property).




Decimal helps communities to issue and manage blockchain assets.